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Sense/Net ECM is the first Open Source Enterprise Content Management system for the .NET platform, a perfect alternative to proprietary ECM suites, such as SharePoint. With wider functionality than most open source Web CMS packages, Sense/Net is ideal for building enterprise Intranets, Extranets and Internet sites.
  • Content Repository with powerful search and query for storing millions of documents - benchmarked with 100 million files
  • Workspaces, lists and libraries for collaboration and document management, document preview with annotation and redaction
  • Enterprise 2.0 style collaboration, User profiles, Workspace Wall, Comment & Like function
  • WebDAV protocol and Microsoft Office integration for enhanced user experience
  • Windows Workflow Foundation 4 based workflows for BPM
  • Skin system, WYSIWYG and Smart Application Model for managing loads of web content
  • ASP.NET based development platform with Webpart, MVC and Razor support
  • Powerful query API accessible through standard ASP.NET API, LINQ and OData REST API, rich query builder and search GUI for end users
  • Scalable Enterprise Architecture and Active Directory integration for enterprise deployment
  • Free Community and supported Enterprise editions with professional training

Current Stable Release is Sense/Net ECM 6.5.4 Community Edition

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Sense/Net ECM 6.5.4 Community Edition (Stable): in this release developers will get cool new tools for working with Sense/Net: a built-in tracing framework will help monitoring the system, and we also published the new Client library for accessing the Content Repository from client tools using c# - instead of having to construct HTTP requests.
For a detailed list of changes, please have a look at our changelog.

Sense/Net ECM 6.5.3 Community Edition (Stable): we've made a whole bunch of performance tweaks to make the system generally faster and more reliable. We figured out a way to allow even the craziest characters in login names and upgraded some third party components. For a detailed list of changes, please have a look at our changelog.

Sense/Net ECM 6.5.2 Community Edition (Stable): we started working on the next major version of Sense/Net ECM, codenamed SN7 :), documented on our blog. You will start to see small changes in the backend here and there, if you look closely at the source code. We decided to make these changes gradually to be able to release patches for 6.x versions as long as it is possible. For a detailed list of changes, please have a look at our changelog.

Sense/Net 6.5 Community Edition (Stable): this is the most robust Sense/Net ECM we’ve ever built. In the past couple of months, we’ve spent most of our time on making the system faster, more scalable and generally more reliable. We did our fair share of R&D and are now proud to present you what we came up with.
We completely redesigned how we handle security and made external task management available for Enterprise users in a decoupled, separate component. These improvements will take the load off your servers, resulting in faster response times.

Sense/Net 6.4 Community Edition (Stable): in the last couple of months we worked closely with some of our biggest Enterprise clients to make our packaging system and preview generation module more flexible and easier to use. There are important security improvements in this release and developers got many new APIs to make your solution behave the way you want it.

Sense/Net 6.3.1 Community Edition (Stable): this release is an important step toward a more modular infrastructure, robustness and maintainability. We finally introduce a packaging and a task management framework, and the Image Editor that will surely make the job of content editors more fun. We fixed many bugs as usual, so our enterprise and community customers will benefit from this release.

Sense/Net 6.3 Community Edition (Stable): this release comes with a huge number of bugfixes and security hardening. LINQ to Sense/Net and our OData REST API improved a lot, and our enterprise customers can benefit from the robust document preview generator module and document viewer. Upgrading is highly recommended.


Sense/Net 6.3 Beta Community Edition: the new release comes with a plethora of new features. The new query builder helps novice users to create content queries easily. Developers can use LINQ to build queries againd Sense/Net Content Repository. We have implemented many Sense/Net specific OData custom actions in our REST API. From this version there is a browser based Document Viewer in the system with preview image generation (only in the Enterprise Edition). Also we have added a new Settings infrastructure within Sense/Net Content Repository.

Sense/Net 6.2.1 Alpha Community Edition: We decided to publish an alpha version of our next release to provide a sneak peek of what is coming. Please note that this version is not intended for running in a production environment. Main new features: Enhanced OData Rest API, SQL Filestream support, Aspects, Custom permissions, Brand new file upload.

Sense/Net 6.2 Community Edition (Stable): our community asked for a REST API and complete Internationalization. We listened and released Sense/Net Community 6.2. The new OData REST API that lets you talk to the Sense/Net Content Repository using standard tools like Kendo UI's popular components or custom AJAX solutions. The new release is completely internationalized, all strings are localizable, and culture specific user interfaces are also possible. Just as always, the new release includes many bug fixes and small enhancements.

Sense/Net 6.1.2 Community Edition is a bug fix release with minor features including configurable workflow start options. This enables the users to configure workflows assigned to lists in ways that workflows will be executed automatically upon content change, creation, or will be executed manually.

Sense/Net 6.1.1 Community Edition is a bug fix release.

Sense/Net 6.1 Community Edition comes with an even faster and more robust content repository. The performance and scalability of Sense/Net 6.1 ECMS has been benchmarked by importing 100 million files into a single Sense/Net Content Repository on a high availability setup with all content indexed and being searchable right away. The main page of the system has been redesigned to provide a better user experience for first downloaders. Notable features include support for Office 2010 and Basic authentication.


Sense/Net 6.0.8 Community Edition brings new features and the largest optimization in the history of Sense/Net Community Edition. Content Repository enhancements make Sense/Net a faster and more responsive ECM. We have redesigned the webpi package installer for an error-free installation procedure. News features include uploading or copy-pasting images, security enhancements, customizable login processes, customizable notification messages and many-many bug fixes.

Sense/Net 6.0.7 Community Edition introduces Workspace local groups and a handy Label Picker, beside some bug fixes. This release brings you the long-awaited workspace members implementation with local groups integrated with the user profile concept and also the Office protocol. Bug fixes include MSMQ stabilization, minor UI fixes and a fix in the Node's GetCachedData functionality. This community release is preceded with thorough testing and NLB stabilization making the 6.0.7 Community Edition a recommended upgrade for existing users and a recommended first install for new users.

In Sense/Net 6.0.6 Community Edition we have put large emphasis on stabilizing Sense/Net; primarily focusing on NLB and multi-domain operation. New stabilization fixes include robust MSMQ distributed message handling and enhancements targeted at backup and restore features. Besides stabilization, a lot of bug fixes are shipped with the current release.

Sense/Net 6.0.5 Community Edition includes Enterprise 2.0 features and lots of bug fixes. New Workspace features include a wall similar to Facebook (yes, you can Comment and Like posts), a lightweight blog & wiki, user profile, workspace membership. We also added a better backup tool, a new webpart framework and device-aware applications, so you can create mobile applications easily.

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