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Cannot connect to the database 'SNCR'.


I am trying to install the latest download of the community edition and following the instructions. I am installing on Windows 2012 R2 and IIS using SQLExpress as the SQL Server. Everything seems to go OK until it is running through the SQL scripts and it fails with the following message:

The package was installed successfully.

The following actions were performed:
Added 3 Directories.
Added 125 Files.
Added 13 Databases.
Warning: Cannot connect to the database 'SNCR'.
Retrying operation 'Add' on object dbFullSql (server=Patnet0056\sqlexpress;database=SNCR;uid=sa). Attempt 1 of 5.

The sa account has a password which I entered with the initial inputs. The database has been created and the tables seem to have been created. When I click the finish button, the dialog closes, but I am unable to browse to the site as the instruction indicate.