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RemotePortalControl screwed over SSL on v6.3 Beta



I'm testing the 6.3 beta community edition and found that the Remote Portal Control (RPC) is not rendered well when viewing pages over SSL. PRC gets screwed in the page and is not rendered in its own frame. Moreover, links based on js do not work.

The error on client side is:
SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'PageRequestManager': object is null or undefined

The error only occurs on version 6.3 Beta and not on the 6.2/6.2.1 and only on https and not on http.

Server Side and Client side software is the same: IIS 8.0 for the web server; any browser gets the error ( tested on IE9, IE10 with and without compatibility settings and Chrome)

After sometimes spent on fiddler and browser's dev tools with apparently no error reported or missed requests, I've managed to track it down to the Bundling of JS.

In fact, as soon as I turn off the option in the Web.Config (AllowJSBundling = false) the error disappears and the RPC works again.

Hope this will help you fixing the error.

Regards, Pier