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SenseNet 6.0 Beta 4.1

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Released: Aug 26, 2009
Updated: Aug 27, 2009 by DanielJozsef
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Release Notes

This is a service release for beta 4.

Upgrading from beta 4

When upgrading an existing beta 4 installation to beta 4.1, you will need to move the /Root/System/Apps folder to /Root/Apps for Smart Applications to continue working properly.

What was new in Sense/Net 6.0 Enterprise Portal & ECMS Beta 4?

  • Sense/Net Smart Application Model: refined and improved
  • WebDAV functionality moved to SenseNet.Portal Layer
  • Sense/Net 6.0 now uses ExtJS 3.0 instead of ExtJS 2.2
  • Ext-base changed to jQuery
  • New Context-based portlets introduced for Workspaces and the Web Application Model
  • The binary fieldcontrol now has an „upload to binary property” feature


There are several installation guides available. Choose the one appropriate to the distribution you wish to use.


For additional information, check out our forum.

Known issues

  • The generic „properties” or „edit” SmartPage found under /Root/System/Apps/GenericContent/Edit throws an exception („multiple controls of the same id...”) on postback events if the Content being edited is a Page. This includes the scenario when the SmartPage is requested through its own URL.
  • When creating a new Content through the Workspace „Add new Content” wizard, one needs to explicitly enter both the desired Name and DisplayName properties of the new Content, otherwise it will be created and will show up in collections with the default DisplayName.
  • SmartFolders containing queries that use context-sensitive parameters such as "CurrentWorkspace" will display unexpected (erroneous) results when viewed from outside normal portal context (eg. from the Content Explorer).
  • Permission handling is still unreliable under portals using the SmartApplication model. Pleas refrain from using this technology for production, mission-critical purposes.
  • The SiteMenu portlet fails to respect Index values in certain cases.
  • Two users cannot use the same e-mail address, even if the unique e-mail check is disabled.
  • The e-mail notification for administrators about new users seem to be unreliable.

Important Notes:

We still consider the Smart Application Model experimental technology, and thus namespace changes and other compatibility breaks are to be expected in this area.
We may change namespace names, class names and locations, class interfaces, content handlers, content type names, content type hierarchy, configuration and demo structure paths. Of course, this pertains solely to the namespaces and content types introduced for the Smart Application Model and the Workspace framework

Is it "Smart" or "Web" Applications?!

"Smart". Definitely, permanently. Please forget it was ever called anything else.
We dropped the ambiguous phrase "Web Application Model" entirely, the concept is and will continue to be called the "Smart Application Model".

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